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Q: Do you clean?
  1. A: DTD does not offer cleaning services but we are happy to connect our clients with some wonderful businesses that do offer cleaning services.
Q: How long does the process take?

A: The length of the process depends on the scope of the job, each job is unique and is handled as such

Q: What services do you offer?

A: At DTD we offer a wide range of services from purging and organizing to designing, decorating, and full home renovations. If you don’t see a service listed but it seems like something that might be in our wheelhouse, please feel free to reach out and ask! We are always up for new challenges.

Q: Do you have an hourly rate?
  1. A: Unlike most organizers/designers we do not work on an hourly retainer. We price each project by the job. Given the unique nature of each project as well as what we do here at DTD we have found this works best.
Q: Do you require client involvement?

A: Yes, here at DTD one of our main focuses is creating a space that is functional for YOU. We require client involvement during any purging process and design collaborations

Q: Do you take trash and/or donations with you?

A: DTD does not remove any trash or donations from the clients property but we do work exclusively with a hauling/moving company that provides our clients with special discounted rates. 

Q: Does your service fee include supplies?

A: No, our service fee only covers any DTD consulting and/or labor. The DTD service fee does not include any supplies or third party contractor fees. Clients are given a supplies list prior to their project date that is their responsibility to procure.

Q: Is my house the worst you’ve seen?
  1. A: This is probably one of our most common questions we get asked. DTD is a no judgement zone and we’ve seen it ALL!