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This client called us initially for a closet revamp in the master bedroom. Once we arrived on the scene for a consultation we convinced this client to let us revamp the entire master bedroom. This particular client had previously used other local organizers but was not able to maintain the space a few months after having said organizers complete a whole home project. We started by adding in recessed lighting in the bedroom along with a ceiling fan and installed new carpet. Our client was a collector of Jordans so we came up with a great corner shelf shoe display for her collectables which also freed up some of her limited closet space that was previously stuffed full of shoe boxes. 

A few months later we were called back to tackle her kitchen renovation and living/dining room revamp. We strategically came up with a plan for a cut out to open up the whole flow of this condo. Recessed lighting was added to the living room along with an upcycled fixture change (what a great deal!) in the then dining room/now office space. New carpet was installed throughout the living/dining room and some bold colors were added to accent walls. This entire kitchen renovation & living/dining revamp was completed in 6 weeks on a very limited budget. We found many of the items both free and upcycled including all stainless steel appliances. We were happy to see that our client was not only thrilled with her new home but has also kept it up.


Project Name:
Organize & Design
project type:
Declutter, Organize, Design & Renovate
4 months (1 visit per month)
February 2021
3rd-Party Services rendered
Electrical, Wallpaper Installation, Painting, Carpentry, Furniture Refurbishment, and TV Mounting
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Nisa and her team were incredible. They were patient, knowledgeable, professional, friendly and easy to work with which was key for me. I desperately needed her help. Not only did she organize my home, she showed me such compassion and understanding as I and my family are experiencing serious stressors at this time. I am so very grateful not only for her expertise in her field but for her heart. She became an unintended and unexpected balm for my spirit.
Washington D.C.