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"Holy shoutout to our locally-owned Disrupt the Disorder! Over the pandemic, my husband’s home office became a packrat situation and it was clear we needed help. They masterfully redecorated and organized his space and it’s one of the nicest in the whole house… except for my chic upstairs laundry closet! Now I have room to toss clothes the kids have outgrown, socks that don’t have matches, and a custom-built countertop to crawl up on, drink wine, and hide from my family (only slightly kidding). Highly, highly recommend them for any space that needs a little sparkle."
-T.W. Washington D.C.
"I have known Nisa for more than 5 years and I can attest to her reliability, creativity and professionalism. She has thoroughly organized a number of areas in my home to include: my massive storage unit, 3 closets and an accessories closet and I couldn’t be happier. She was always timely, thoughtful and patient and did not finish the jobs until they were thoroughly complete no matter the time. This included not just organizing but identifying and often getting what was needed here to organize the space. Not to mention she did it all with a fun and positive demeanor. Purging and organizing for many of us is not easy, but with Nisa by your side, trust and believe that you can do it and create a more harmonious living environment in the new year."
-M.L. Washington D.C.
"Nisa and her team really helped two people who hate organizing and have a lot of stuff. They were very patient and kind to one person who REALLY did not want to throw things away. I had fun working with them and hope to work with them again in the future on something more fun like design! Thank you so much.."
-K.S. Rockville, MD
"I am so grateful for Nisa and her team. I knew I needed to organize and get my house in order but I didn’t know where to start. They came in and helped me from start to finish. Nisa’s vision and eye for decorating is amazing. They completely revamped my pantry, bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, and mudroom. Thanks to them, my home is the most functional it has ever been. I’m excited about other projects and working with them in the future!"
-R.C., Washington D.C.
"Working with Nisa to revamp and organize my basement and storage closet was awesome! She had great ideas for what layouts would work best and which products would enhance the space. She put in place a system that we've maintained for over a year. I can clean up all of my kids' toys in about 5 minutes. Even my five year old knows which bin to use! I can't wait to have her back!."
-C.M. Washington D.C.
"This was an extraordinary experience! For two years I attempted to clear out and organize my supply closet only to see everything piled up again after a few months. Looking at the mess and trying to find items that were buried underneath comforters and towels was overwhelming, and not to mention costly. Many times I made purchases only to later realize that I already had the items in the closet. I decided to contact Disrupt the Disorder and I’m so happy I did! I am more than pleased with my closet organization. It is functional and beautiful. The newly installed shelves are strong and neat. Thank you to the team at Disrupt the Disorder. The team was always professional and punctual. I feel as if a weight has been lifted- now I enjoy going into my closet and can find everything with ease!"
-T.L. Washington D.C.